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Planning on Visiting a Gold Coast Theme Park? First read this!

The Gold Coast is very popular among local and international tourists as it is considered to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable destination in not only the region but throughout Australia also. Boasting some of the finest beaches in the country and some of the most spectacular sceneries, its popularity really is no surprise.


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Unique things to do on the Gold Coast

If you’re thinking about going to the Gold Coast, you’ll probably get tips on what activities to do which will just lead you to the usual tourist traps. This things to do Gold Coast list promises to give your vacation itinerary a much-needed spicing up.


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Most Popular Theme Park Tickets on the Gold Coast

One of the best ways to enjoy the Gold Coast is to visit one or more of the famous theme parks on offer. Certainly, to make this a memorable family holiday, you’ll want to get your hands on the most-coveted theme park tickets on the Gold Coast. If this is your first holiday to the Gold Coast, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking any theme park tickets on the Gold Coast will do, in fact, each theme parks offers something quite different so it’s best to do your research before you purchase tickets.


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Fun Things to do with Friends - My Suggestions

Travelling with your friends can be fun, but also challenging. Trying to come up with fun things to do with friends is easy until you consider just how much fun each member of your group will be having. After all, you and your friends can have completely different interests.


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Top 5 QLD Theme Parks for Families

There are more than enough QLD theme parksfor you to choose from if you’re looking for fun activities to enjoy while you’re visiting this state. However, if you’re travelling with kids, you’ll want to make sure you know the best to visit as a family. After all, your budget can’t be stretched that far, and if you’re spending good money on rides, they might as well be worth it.


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What to do on the Gold Coast when it Rains

You’ve decided to take a summer holiday in one of the best holiday destinations in Australia, the Gold Coast – where it’s all about the surf, sun and yes; theme parks. But what happens if the very week you visit, by some freak chance the weather turns sour and everything you had planned to do is now off the cards?


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Infinity Surfers Paradise—The Ultimate Fun Zone!

If you really want to know the best and most bang-for-the-buck Surfers Paradise attraction, you need to ask a local. Most of them will point you directly to Infinity Surfers Paradise which is located at the Chevron Renaissance Tower along Surfers Paradise Boulevard. Our one of a kind attraction is much like a massive art installation with environments built to depict future environments – and when you walk into art; futuristic art at that, what can you expect? Why, a lot of fun, of course!


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How to know if you’re Getting Great Theme Park Deals

There are good theme park deals, and there are great ones. The list below will guide you on how to get the greatest theme park deals across Australia. As you would probably know by now, the Gold Coast is home to plenty of theme parks, and not surprisingly, a lot of tempting theme park deals, but if you’re spending hard earned money, you should be getting only the best on your holiday.


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Affordable Things to do with Kids

These days, it’s really difficult to come up with affordable things to do with kids. Even treating your kids to McDonald’s isn’t considered cheap anymore. This is why some parents are a bit iffy about going to the Gold Coast with the little ones, with so many things to do, and attractions to see you certainly need to plan ahead and have a holiday fund in place before you come to enjoy your family holiday to the fullest.


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Where to find the best Gold Coast Theme Park Deals

If you’re travelling with kids, it’s an absolute necessity that you find the best Gold Coast theme park deals. Even if you hadn’t originally planned to go to a Gold Coast theme park due to the expensive ticket prices, you will probably find yourself trying to secure Gold Coast theme park deals because you just can’t escape theme parks on the Gold Coast, and let’s be honest, your kids won’t leave you alone till they know you’re going to go to one of our theme parks.


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